Cooking with Cast Iron

We recently checked in with Matt Masera, Executive Chef at Mother Restaurant, an up-and-coming vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Sacramento CA. to see which products he's using the most these days.



"My favorite kitchen product we’re using right now are our cast iron skillets.  At Mother, in Sacramento, we’re currently using only a flat top and cast iron skillets to cook our food.  Using a seasoned Cast Iron skillet gives the food a deeper, richer, more unique flavor that you can’t always get with a regular non-stick skillet.  Because the restaurant is all vegetables, it’s really important to achieve rich, complex flavors, without having meat as the star of the show."

Chefs and cooks use cast iron skillets and pans because of their ability to cook all types of foods: meats, vegetables, eggs, breads, etc.  When seasoned over time, these skillets develop a non-stick surface, and have really good heat retention, so they are oftentimes the best choice for cooking all varieties of foods.  Not only will cast iron pans last an incredibly long time, they'll also get better with age.

To demonstrate the versatility of cast iron, we've pulled together a list of some awesome recipes covering breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.

Paleo Breakfast Skillet

Breakfast: Cowboy Breakfast Skillet


Cast Iron Skillet Pizza

Lunch: Iron Skillet Pizza


Beer Glazed Citrus Chicken with Orange Arugula Greens I

Dinner: Beer Glazed Citrus Chicken with Orange Arugula Greens

Dessert: Indoor S’mores







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