Owl’s Toddy

  • Brew: The Classic
  • Booze: Whiskey

In a saucepan, combine: 

2 parts The Classic, 1 part Whiskey, Apple slices

Heat until desired temp. (do not boil)

Pour into mug

Garnish: Cinnamon stick


Bramble Brew

  • Brew: Pink & Black
  • Booze: Tequila

2 parts Pink & Black

1 part Tequila

Muddle fresh raspberries & strawberries

Shake & pour over ice

Garnish:  fresh mint



  • Brew: Pink & Black
  • Booze: Beer

1 part Pink & Black

1 part Beer (we suggest a Pilsner or Lager!)

Rim glass with margarita salt,


Serve chilled in a highball glass

Garnish: fresh lime



The Green Garden

  • Brew: The Classic
  • Booze: Vodka

2 parts The Classic

2 parts Green Juice (we recommend: cold press juice, cucumber & mint or mixed greens w apple & lemon)

1 part Vodka


1 part Sake


Pour over ice into a mason jar or shake & pour into a martini glass


To see more, visit Owl's Brew: http://www.theowlsbrew.com/

September 29, 2015 by Taste Trunk Staff

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