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Send their palate on a European vacation with this homemade Italian inspired gift.

Gift Includes:

Organic Croxetti Pasta - Croxetti pasta originates from the Middle Ages, when cooks of noble Ligurian families would press a thin sheet of pasta between two wooden molds engraved with the family's coat of arms on one side and symbols on the other. Quite often the symbol stamped on the second side was the Christian cross, thereby giving the pasta its name. Fratelli Minaglia uses organic durum wheat semolina and stamp their Croxetti with a stalk of wheat. The shape and texture of Croxetti make them ideally suited to hold substantial sauces such as Pesto Genovese, walnut sauce, or fish sauce.

Olive Bruschetta - Bruschetta is a traditional Italian snack or appetizer prepared with savory ingredients chopped into tiny pieces and seasoned with cheese, virgin olive oil and vinegar. It's the perfect addition to any dish.

Pesto alla Siciliana - A traditional Mediterranean sauce from the Italian island of Sicily, this pesto sauce adds a twist with sun-dried tomatoes to the classic basil pesto. 

Italian Jam Cookies - A tender and delicious flour and butter batter is the foundation for Con Amore’s jelly cookies. They use unsalted butter in the dough because of its smooth, uncluttered flavor. Sugar for sweetness, fresh lemon peel for brightness, and extracts of vanilla and almond for their mellowing qualities which all work together to make this a delicious cookie all by itself. They then sandwich a dollop of strawberry or apricot Italian jam between two cookies for a treat that is traditional for special events such as birthdays, social gatherings, Christmas and weddings.

Packaged in a beautiful gift box with premium satin ribbon.

Each box is carefully curated, hand-wrapped and shipped as a gift with your gift note included inside and no pricing information.

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