Taste Trunk

Beer & Bourbon


Making the world a more interesting place since antiquity, this wonderful pair is at it again. This time in a variety of deliciously edible formats. When used to enhance the flavoring of food, both beer and bourbon can add subtle and very satisfying notes to everything from meats to chocolate. This trunk showcases the unique and distinctive flavors of beer and bourbon with some really fun ways.

The Napa Jack’s Bourbon BBQ Sauce uses oak barrel aged bourbon to add oak and vanilla notes to the sweet and smoky BBQ sauce base. Use it as a condiment or brush it on while grilling or roasting for excellent flavor. Want some whiskey with your steak? The Whiskey Pepper Steak Sauce is a peppery take on a traditional steak sauce with a hint of whiskey flavor. Our recommendation, try it with a glass of Blanton’s and a New York Strip.

Maybe our favorite of the bunch, the Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt is a very fine grain, deliciously oaky supplement for just about anything. This salt is smoked over 90-year old oak whiskey barrels and gives a mouth watering earthy, yet sweet aroma to meats, fish and vegetables. Since bourbon can’t get all of the attention, we’ve included the WVM Sweet Hot Beer Mustard to balance things out. This mustard has a very subtle beer flavor, making it excellent with sausage or brats. Add some sauerkraut for a bit of traditional Bavarian comfort.

For dessert we have one beer and one whiskey as a night cap. The Whiskey Chocolate Candies are dark chocolate with a whiskey liquor flavored center. Try these chocolates with vanilla ice cream for a truly delicious post dinner treat. Last but not least, the Draft Beer Jelly Beans will put your taste buds to sleep without the dreaded morning after effects.

The Packaging:

The Beer & Bourbon Trunk arrives gift ready in a beautifully patterned black outer shipping box. Inside, the Taste Trunk box is adorned with a thick black satin ribbon bow tied around the outside. The Trunk theme title is visible on the flap of the outer shipping box. 

Once opened, the inside trunk panel holds an elegant black envelope enclosed with a wax stamp seal (If a personalized note is not added during checkout, the envelope and card will not be included). Inside the envelope is a premium 100lb stock greeting card on smooth ivory with your personal note in printed script.

Customize your delivery date for free at checkout. No receipt or pricing info is ever included inside.

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