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Balsamic & Herb Dipping Oil


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For serious bread lovers – once you start, you just can’t stop! Fruity extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar, highlighted with garlic and seven herbs and spices to create a rich dipping oil with complex flavors.

While many dipping oils contain virgin or pure olive oil, grape seed oil or canola, we use only 100% extra virgin olive oil.

About B.R. Cohn

In 1990, the Cohn family founded B.R. Cohn Olive Oil Company and began producing gourmet olive oil and hand crafted vinegars, the first made in Sonoma Valley in almost a century. Our estate contains over 450 Picholine (French word from piccolo – meaning small, petite) Olive Trees dating back to the mid-1800’s. Our dedication to creating the highest quality products enables B.R. Cohn Olive Oil to remain a well-recognized California producer of ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil.

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