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Cookie Monster (For 1-Month)


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Cookie Monster

Cookies, cookies, and more cookies.... and caramel popcorn covered in Oreo cookies! The perfect gift for anyone that loves cookies.

Personalize it with a free custom gift card and choose your delivery date. This trunk comes gift packaged and ready to send. No receipt or pricing info is included inside.

Cookies are baked fresh and are best if eaten within one week of delivery.

* Denotes perishable Items

What's Inside:

Giant Toffee Crunch Cookie (Carol's Cookies)* - Sinfully sweet toffee meets ultra-rich dark chocolate to create a truly addictive cookie.  The signature of Carol's Cookies are the size, weighing nearly one half-pound each! Unlike a store-bought, machine-driven cookie, you can actually taste the real butter and hints of brown sugar with every bite.

Giant Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookie (Carol's Cookies)* - Double-chocolate dough collides with mounds of smooth, natural peanut butter to create America’s favorite combination…peanut butter and chocolate. Don’t forget the tall glass of cold milk to wash down this decadent mixture.

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies (Dancing Deer Baking Co.)* - Dancing Deer has taken the chocolate chip cookie to the next level! The newest addition to their cookie lineup combines white and dark chocolate pieces in a chewy chocolate base.

Black and White Cookie (Sweet Sam's)* - A New York tradition, these classic cookies combine a soft cake-like cookie with rich dark chocolate frosting and sweet, white fondant.

Cookies 'n' Cream Caramel Popcorn (Thatcher's) - Delicious caramel popcorn combined with cookies 'n' cream. Popcorn doesn't get better than this!


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