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Bourbon Barrel (For 1-Month)


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Bourbon Barrel (For 1-Month)


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Bourbon Barrel

Add a rich smoky flavor to your gourmet dishes with these unique bourbon inspired items.

The Bourbon Smoked Pepper is rich and aromatic with a savory finish and adds unique flavor to any number of dishes. The Bourbon BBQ Sauce and Hot Pepper Peach Bourbon Sauce can both be used to glaze, marinate and dress meats, fish and veggies with subtle bourbon flavor. Lastly the Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam is a wonderful combination of sweet and smoky, making everything from breakfast to ice cream dessert a tasty adventure. 

Each product comes with chef-inspired recipes printed on easy-to-use cards. Personalize it with a free custom gift card and choose your delivery date. This trunk comes gift packaged and ready to send. No receipt or pricing info is included inside.

What's Inside:

Bourbon Smoked Pepper (Bourbon Barrel Foods) - Black peppercorns are biting and pungent with hints of pine and citrus. We have slow smoked these cracked peppercorns with aged bourbon barrels which give them a wispy hint of smoke and a subtle oaky flavor that is reminiscent of fine Kentucky bourbon.

Bourbon BBQ & Grill Sauce (Napa Jack's) - Gluten free and all natural. Oak barrel aged Bourbon gives this Bourbon Bar-B-Q Sauce it’s rich and full of flavor. Perfect to compliment your favorite grilled steak or chop. Use as a condiment or simply brush on while grilling or roasting. 

Hot Pepper Peach Bourbon Sauce (Terrapin Ridge) - The rich flavor of bourbon adds incredible depth to roasted peaches, while red pepper gives this sauce just the right amount of heat.  The result is an incredible glaze for fish, chicken or beef and a delectable cheese topper. Heat this sauce and use on top of vanilla bean ice-cream.  All natural and gluten free.

Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam (Terrapin Ridge) - Blueberries bursting with flavor are married with pecans, raisins, cinnamon and a splash of bourbon, creating a jam that is sure to become your favorite.  Not only is this jam a wonderful treat for breakfast on toast, pancakes & waffles, it is great as an ice-cream topper and as a finishing sauce for pork & poultry.  All natural and gluten free.

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