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The Caribbean Pirate (For 1-Month)


The Caribbean Pirate (For 1-Month) - Taste Trunk - 1
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The Caribbean Pirate (For 1-Month)


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The Caribbean Pirate

Take your table to the beach for some tropical island style gourmet cooking. 

Start with some Cayman Citrus Dryglaze to add some tropical citrus flavor to your meats and fish with hints chili pepper, garlic and jalapeno. Need some summer heat? Add Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce, made from fresh Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers, for a warm peppery finish. 

Before hitting the real rum, opt for some Caribbean Rum Grill Sauce for marinading and grilling chicken, beef and seafood with a sweet and spicy flavor. Alternatively go full pirate with Pirate's Blend CocoMango Sauce, a most tropical marinade and dipping sauce for adding a true island flavor to your plate. 

What's Inside:

Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce  (Busha Browne's) - Made from fragrant fresh Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers, this sauce has stamina and an outstanding flavor. The term "Pukka" comes from India and means "authentic, genuine, and first class," truly applicable to this prize winning sauce. 

Cayman Citrus Dryglaze (Urban Accents) - This Cayman Citrus Dryglaze is a complex seasoning blend of tropical citrus sugar, chili pepper, garlic and jalapeño that will give your dishes a spicy Island flavor.

Caribbean Rum Grill Sauce (Wine Country Kitchens) - Wine Country Kitchens has combined some of their best grilling ingredients and added dark Jamaican rum to create this new Caribbean Rum Grilling Sauce. The result is a sweet and spicy flavor sensation. Enjoy this rich taste of the Caribbean with chicken, beef or seafood. Marinate your favorite meat prior to grilling, or brush on the sauce while it's on the grill.

Pirates Blend CocoMango Sauce (Half Moon Trading Co.) - Makes a great marinade & is terrific on the grill. Its abundant tropical fruit base & savory spices give this versatile sauce its original & celebrated flavour! Great for Table use too!

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