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Masa Harina - Blue Corn

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This masa harina has a fine texture and is ideal for making tortillas, pupusas, gorditas, sopes, and more. Instructions for corn tortillas are included with every bag. 2 pound bag. 

About Tortillas De La Tierra

Sheera and Joaquín created Tortillas de la Tierra in 2013. They both have a passion for handmade tortillas (especially eating them hot as they come off the comal) and they think it's a shame they can't be found in stores.

Joaquín is from Guatemala and ate handmade tortillas daily. Sheera is Chinese and German, born to immigrant parents. She was inspired by Joaquín to learn how to make handmade tortillas.

They're inspired by good food; by growers who grow organic and heirloom varieties; by those who preserve traditional wisdom and the art of crafting by hand. 

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