Napa Jack’s Sweet & Smoky Bar-B-Q Sauce


Gluten free, and all natural. The ideal blend of sweet brown sugar with the right amount of natural smoke make our Sweet & Smoky Bar-B-Q Sauce perfect for everyday grilling. Great for burgers, chicken, or as a marinade for beef. Marinate for 45 minutes or brush on while grilling or roasting. Slow roast baby back ribs in sauce and finish on the grill. Outrageously delicious!

About Wine Country Kitchens

Wine Country Kitchens, founded in 1995, is a specialty food manufacturer and co-packer located in Napa Valley, California. For nearly two decades we have created a collection of exceptional sauces, condiments, dressings and spreads that defy comparison.

We start with recipes embracing the culinary traditions of the Napa Valley, and carefully source the finest ingredients from around the world to bring them to life. When lovingly combined in our kitchens, the Napa Valley's culinary heritage reaches new heights.

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