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Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce


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Not for the fainthearted, Busha Browne's Pukka Hot Pepper Sauce is the ultimate sauce for devotees of wickedly hot food. Made from fragrant fresh Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers, this sauce has stamina and an outstanding flavor. The term "Pukka" comes from India and means "authentic, genuine, and first class," truly applicable to this prize winning sauce. "Pukka does not burn the mouth. It warms the heart and soul." No pepper fanatic should be without it.

About Busha Browne's

Busha Browne's authentic sauces, jellies and condiments utilize the great variety of exotic fresh Jamaican fruits and vegetables. All Natural, Healthy, Spicy and Delicious. Prepared and bottled in small batches as they were 200 years ago, these award winning artisan products reflect the right heritage of Jamaican Cookery.

All Busha Browne's products are grown in heart of our bountiful and beautiful island. Harvested by Jamaican hands from soil to our factories and then to your table. Our farms harvest fresh fruits, vegetables and spices in the most modern and natural conditions.

Today the Busha Browne's offices are located in Kingston, Jamaica. With farms throughout the countryside. Our bottling and labeling operations are also situated in Kingston.

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