Steakhouse Bundle



Steakhouse Bundle

Treat someone to a medium rare ribeye with these steakhouse inspired items. This grouping is designed to meet multiple types of cuts and preparation styles. For the purist that enjoys minimal additives with a rich cut of meat, the Ribeye Smoked Sea Salt gives just a hint of smoke while enhancing the natural flavors of the meat. For added juiciness, the 1849 Tri-Tip Marinade infuses a wonderfully deep savory flavor. We love it with sirloin, porterhouse and of course tri-tip cuts.

The Steak & Chop Rub is a nice all purpose rub with hints of garlic, chili peppers and paprika. This rub works nicely on the grill and with leaner cuts of meat. Possibly the most interesting of all however, is the Whiskey Smoked Irish Sea Salt. This salt is a very fine grain, smoked over 90 year old whiskey barrels to create a subtle oaky flavor. It pairs beautifully with any steak, just rub it on for a nice hint of Irish whiskey with your dinner.  

Any Steakhouse worth its salt needs the traditional staples. The Whiskey Pepper Steak Sauce is a peppery take on traditional steak sauce with just a hint of whiskey. The WVM Horseradish has a perfectly creamy texture and just enough heat to open the sinuses to appreciate the aroma of your dinner. Lastly, you need a good Steakhouse Bar Mix to pass the time while everything is being prepared. This savory mix has a hint of cajun spice and will prep your taste buds for the main event.

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