BBQ Gift Box


BBQ Gift Box

Any BBQ purist will appreciate the delicious items in this box. It has everything to smoke, spice, sauce and grill your way to delicious BBQ.

Personalize it with a free greeting card and choose your delivery date. This trunk comes gift packaged and ready to give. No receipts are included inside.

Products Inside:

Thick & Rich BBQ Sauce - The best brand of BBQ Sauce we've tasted. Why 1849? Because in 1849, the average man ate 6 lbs. of meat a day. They knew how to BBQ, and they knew how to make the best BBQ Sauce.

Cedar Wood Grilling Plank - Add a wonderful cedar smoke flavor to anything from steak or pork to fish or veggies. Just put your grillables on the plank and grill as your normally would. Good for use on charcoal or gas grills. May be substituted for Grill Master Beer Coozy.

All Natural Liquid Smoke - This concentrated liquid smoke has a rich hickory flavor that adds a wonderful, smokey flavor to all your favorite foods. 

Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt - Made with pure Sea Salt that has been slowly smoked above a Maine Cherrywood fire - a centuries old process. The result is a smooth, slightly sweet tasting sea salt, without harshness or bitterness.

San Francisco Seafood Rub - BBQ salmon, white fish, oysters and more with this crisp and versatile gourmet rub. The delicious blend of paprika, chili peppers and spices add a delicious finish to your grilled fish.

Steak & Chop Rub - Take your steaks to the next level with this peppered savory rub. Use liberally on both sides to enhance the rich cuts of meat. Perfect for Ribeye, Porterhouse, Prime Rib and Sirloins. 

Grill Master Hors d' Oeuvres - A savory snack mix designed to prep your palette for the main course. Delicious sesame 

Hickory Smoked BBQ Rub - Hickory smoke, onion, garlic and paprika. Try this savory rub on everything from chicken and steak to veggies and fish to create instant BBQ flavor. 

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