Only $49.99, use code "BlackFriday"

The BBQ Trunk & Free Chocolate Trunk


Only $49.99, use code "BlackFriday"

The BBQ Trunk & Free Chocolate Trunk


Our signature trunks are packed with premium products from several amazing gourmet and small-batch brands. Each item is a house favorite, after tasting them you'll see why. 

Each product comes with chef-inspired recipes printed on easy-to-use cards. Personalize it with a free custom gift card and choose your delivery date. This trunk comes gift packaged and ready to send. No receipt or pricing info is included inside.

What's Inside:

The BBQ Trunk

1849 BBQ Sauce (1849 Brand) - Rich, thick and delicious. All Natural 1849 Brand BBQ Sauce is a great compliment to all of your BBQ needs. Certified Gluten Free.

Hot & Spicy Habanero Brine (Urban Accents) - Whoa, Nelly! The juiciest chicken or pork dinner with a touch of habanero heat can be found with the help of the only spicy brine on the market. 

All Natural Liquid Smoke (Lazy Kettle) - All Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke. This concentrated liquid smoke has a rich hickory flavor that adds a wonderful, smokey flavor to all your favorite foods. 

Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt (San Francisco Salt Co.) - Take your entrées to the next level by seasoning with this exquisite smoked salt preferred by chefs around the world. Smoked Cherrywood Sea Salt is made with pure Sea Salt that has been slowly smoked above a Maine Cherrywood fire - a centuries old process.

Cedar Wood Grilling Plank (Quinault Grilling Co.) - Use this real cedar grilling plank to add delicious smoky flavor to meats, fish and veggies. The plank is reusable and adds a deep and savory flavor as if you used a real smoker. Good on charcoal and gas grills.

Grill Master Coozy (Taste Trunk) - Every grill master needs to keep cool and refreshed while working the grill. Slide this coozy around your favorite beer and let the good times roll.

The Chocolate Trunk

Chocolate Drizzled Sea Salt Caramel Popcorn (Thatcher's) - Gourmet chocolate drizzled caramel corn with a hint of sea salt. Made in San Francisco using artisanal methods.

Chocolate Almond Caramels (Nunes Farms)Luscious, individually wrapped, handmade squares of rich, creamy caramel. All natural and chock full of almonds.

Maple Bacon Chocolate Bar (Chuao)Crispy bacon goodness, a splash of sweet maple syrup and a bit of bonfire smoked sea salt.

Potato Chip Chocolate Bar (Chuao)Creamy milk chocolate, a sprinkle of sea salt and that irresistible potato chip crunch.

Crunchy Salted Almond Chocolate Bar (Toblerone) - Swiss chocolate bar combining salted caramelized almonds and honey almond nougat in creamy milk chocolate.


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