Salt Plate Griller


This trunk will give you all the tools you’ll need to add that savory touch to any meal. With the Himalayan salt plate you’ll be able to masterfully infuse flavor into your favorite meat and vegetable dishes.

What's Inside:

Salt Plate (Charcoal Companion) - Whether flash-searing ahi tuna steaks, presenting artfully arranged sashimi or chilling delicious ribbons of salted caramel, this thick, hand-cut slab of pink Himalayan salt is a delightfully inventive way to cook, chill and serve your favorite dishes. This mineral-rich pink salt block enhances the flavors of anything placed on it, making it great for grilling steaks and seafood, chilling and serving sushi or beef carpaccio, serving cheeses, curing salmon gravlax—even searing shrimp and scallops table-side. 

Salt Plate Holder (Charcoal Companion) - The porcelain-coated salt plate holder protects the salt plate from cracking and eliminates pressure to any one area, protecting the fragile edges and helping to extend the salt plate’s useful life. Easy grip handles provide easier handling of plate to and from the grill, and extends the useful life of the salt as it wears down over time.

Salt Plate Cookbook (Charcoal Companion) - 20 recipes carefully crafted from all around the globe to get you started with salt plate cooking. From hot entrees to appetizers, and even desserts.

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