The Sausage Trunk


The Sausage Trunk

The Sausage Trunk is a handpicked collection of authentic gourmet sausages with delicious variety. These sausages go perfectly with everything from wines and cheeses to game day brews and barbecues. Each variety has a unique and different flavor profile and we've included plenty for trying any and all pairings! 

Each product comes with chef-inspired recipes printed on easy-to-use cards. Personalize it with a free custom gift card and choose your delivery date. This trunk comes gift packaged and ready to send. No receipt or pricing info is included inside.

What's Inside:

Pinot Grigio Salame (Volpi) - This all natural Pinot Grigio Salami is made only with all natural fresh pork and ingredients and contains no nitrites. Like any good wine, Pinot Grigio Salami is meant to be shared with family and friends.

Pepperoni Sausage (P.G. Molinari) -  P.G. Molinari is a name that has meant excellence in Italian salame and sausage for over 100 years. Founded in 1896, Molinari & Sons has carried on the traditional Italian art of sausage-making in the cool climate of San Francisco.

Stoneground Sweet Hot Mustard (Haus Barhyte) -  Stone ground seed, spices and honey are blended to make this very special German-style mustard with a rich taste that enhances stir-fry, sauces, cheeses and salad dressings.

Borsellino Salame (La Quercia) -  Handcrafted and award winning La Quercia Salame has a distinctive savory flavor. The Borsellino cut is deliciously mild and meaty with a touch of fennel.

Summer Sausage (Vermont Smoke) - A 12 hour fermentation is carried out to reduce the pH of the Summer Sausage before cooking, rather than just adding acidifiers. This slow process allows the flavor to develop slowly, resulting in a clean flavor with the characteristic “tang” of a traditional summer sausage. 

Chorizo Spanish Style Salame (Volpi) - Un Mondo Chorizo Spanish Inspired Salame is an all natural product with no nitrates. Seasoned with plenty of spices, paprika and garlic! This is a spicy, rich and bold flavored salami that hot spice aficionados will go crazy over. 

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